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Hosts & Shows


Mookie and Billie Jo

Weekdays 5:30am-10am


Mookie & Billie Jo bring a refreshing outlook with fun, quirky, informative, topical, and family-friendly chat, all while playing Today’s Best Music.

Check out what our listeners have to say about Mookie & Billie Jo…

Mookie and Billie Jo are the best!!! Super team who get me going in the AM and give me my 1st laugh of the day!

Love the morning duo!!!!! Mookie and Billie Jo make me laugh out loud. They are the bright spot of my morning.

Mookie & Billie Jo are so funny to wake up to and they keep me going with the great songs.

Recent Posts

This is too funny!

Posted on by Mookie


We all do it, donm’t pretend you don’t! ;)

Posted on by Mookie


How cool is this?!

Posted on by Mookie


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Only a little more snow this week! ;)

Posted on by Mookie


I know the feeling….

Posted on by Mookie


Sooooo true!

Posted on by Mookie


Boys or girls?!

Posted on by Mookie


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New Calgary Art!

Posted on by Mookie


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LOL How true is this?!

Posted on by Mookie


John Legend -All Of Me-

Posted on by Billie Jo



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