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Posted on by Maz


That seems low to me

Posted on by Maz


Cops were busy this long weekend handing out almost 1500 speeding tickets, but only 11 distracted driving tickets.

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Posted on by Maz


This has been making the rounds on the net today – If you remember the TV show Happy Days – Baby Fonzi is giving the thumbs up.

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In Trouble Again

Posted on by Christina Rowsell

Justin Bieber is in more legal trouble. He’s being charged in connection with a vehicle collision and physical assault in southwestern Ontario on Friday afternoon. A minivan and an A-T-V collided in a rural area northeast of Bieber’s hometown of Stratford, leading to a fight. Charged with dangerous driving and assault, and is due in court on September 29th.

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Got kids?

Posted on by Maz

1st day

Can’t wait till Tuesday? Share with your friends who feel the same way.

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I’d take the the test now before you pour your first glass and start celebrating the long weekend

Posted on by Maz

eye test

What do you think?

Posted on by Maz


The Stamps unveiled their new jerseys that they’ll wear Monday against the Eskimoes.

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These always make me laugh

Posted on by Maz

always funny

Football forecast for Monday says sunny & 18

Posted on by Maz


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has raised $10 Million in Canada

Posted on by Maz


5-day Forecast

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